Investment Profile | Working Together | Submitting Your Summary

Getting Started

The most effective way to engage with Castle is through an introduction from someone we know. This could be an investment professional, an entrepreneur, a portfolio company executive, or one of the many services providers (including attorneys, accountants, and consultants) who work with us. Our evaluation process starts when we receive your executive summary. We review all plans promptly and will typically determine our initial level of interest within a few days.

Process Duration

When an executive summary meets our investment criteria we engage in a detailed investigation of the company’s team, products/services, technology, market opportunities, and operating plans. Our goal is to complete this investigation and reach an investment decision within four to six weeks of summary submission. Timeframes can vary based on the complexity of our investigation efforts.

Investment Size

Our investments range in size from $100,000 proof-of-concept projects to $20 million expansion capital rounds.

Post Investment Support

The Castle team includes investment professionals, researchers, recruiters, and experienced executives whose only job is to help entrepreneurs develop ideas into successful businesses. This team helps us provide entrepreneurs with access to a broad network of people and services designed to help our portfolio companies grow successfully.

  • People Network: Over the last thirty years, the Company‚Äôs portfolio has evolved into an informal community of hundreds of talented entrepreneurs and executives who share experiences, provide advice, and learn from each other. This network helps to support new entrepreneurs while providing direct access to potential board members, domain experts, partners, investors, executives, advisors, professionals, and engineers with relevant industry knowledge and experience. To help entrepreneurs make the most of our network, Castle has a partner-level talent executive dedicated to assisting portfolio companies with key executive hires.
  • Services: Castle provides every portfolio company with recruiting support to help fill key management and technical positions, research librarians with expertise in market research and competitive intelligence, and marketing experts who provide early-stage assistance with marketing, advertising, public relations and outreach.

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