Last year, New Hampshire State Representative Eric Schleien introduced bill HR522 to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The measure, which was voted down 264 to 74, would have made New Hampshire the first of the United States to accept Bitcoin as direct payment for taxes. The IRS also does not allow Bitcoins for direct tax payment.

Castle Venture Group’s CEO, Michael Keever, believes that while the fact that the bill was rejected is disappointing, it’s ultimately a step in the right direction for legislation like this to be introduced at all. “Digital currency is the way of the future, and more entities, including government, should be moving in the direction of acceptance.”

Michael Keever is currently working with Advisant Group, Castle Venture’s technology development division, on a digital currency wallet, as well as other ventures in Bitcoin, and other altcoin, investing and use.

Though the bill was defeated in the New Hampshire House of Representative’s, the bill’s sponsor, Schleien, was encouraged that so many voted in favor of the measure. He has spent his time educating the public about Bitcoin, something that Michael Keever also believes is an important step in increasing Bitcoin acceptance. With the use of a processor that automatically converts Bitcoin to dollars, like the one Michael Keever is currently developing, the risk and cost to anyone, including the government, to accept Bitcoin is significantly mitigated, if not completely erased.

It is Castle Venture Group and Michael Keever’s vision to expand into the growing world of digital currency, and bills like this one could bring about change even faster.