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Mergers & Acquisitions

Castle Venture Group is a business consulting firm focused on maximizing business earnings and enterprise value.  As part of our services, we advise our clients on exit strategies that provide the very best returns on shareholder investments.  We help company management with corporate restructuring, unit and/or subsidiary spin-offs, mergers, asset and business acquisitions, equity recapitalization, and liquidating exit transactions.  We often serve as the primary business broker for both the buy and sell side of business acquisitions.

Target Advisor

We help entrepreneurs and acquisition targets develop professional sale presentations, financials and due diligence materials in preparation for the sale of a company, division, business assets or other going concerns.  We develop strategic partner and other business relationships to ensure a target company receives the very best business valuation and resulting purchase price.

Our mergers and acquisitions division prepares our clients for outside investments, acquisitions or partnerships in all stages of a prospective transaction, from planning to execution, as well as post acquisition strategies such as consolidation and enterprise integration.

Buyer Broker

We advise entrepreneurs and enterprises on how to invest resources to accelerate sustainable growth through acquisitions.  We conduct due diligence, business valuations and financial analysis on behalf of purchaser’s to identify and acquire the very best strategic targets.  Our M&A professionals work closely with clients to design, develop and execute on detailed acquisition and growth initiatives toward the goal of achieving significant revenue growth that meets or exceeds industry expectations.  Our private equity division works with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into companies, with emerging companies looking to grow through acquisition, and with enterprises wanting to leverage their resources to purchase both additional customers for existing products and additional products to sell to existing customers.