For a number of years, Castle has identified investment themes in industry segments experiencing dynamic growth due to strong markets or markets experiencing disruption, thereby creating significant opportunities for entrepreneurial companies. In early 2005, Castle initiated its CEO-in-Residence program, where we partner with proven, entrepreneurial CEOs to pursue value-creation opportunities in segments of mutual interest.

Rather than reacting to opportunities that come to us, we proactively seek to buy and build companies in markets where our CEO partners have deep experience. We have found it to be mutually rewarding to partner with talented CEOs before we have refined the investment thesis or found an initial target entry point and to shape our investment efforts around the skill set and focus of those executives. We work closely with our CEO partners by assisting with deal flow, supporting the recruitment of their team, driving due diligence efforts, refining investment and business strategy, and providing extensive transaction expertise.

Several Castle Venture¬†Partners are continually developing investment themes and simultaneously seeking out uniquely talented executive entrepreneurs with whom to partner in this program. Castle’s Recruiting Partner, leads our effort from a recruiting process perspective. We are continually looking for CEOs to work with us in several areas:

  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Information Services
  • Integrated Media
  • Marketing & Advertising

All of our CEO-I-Rs have been successful in both large and small company environments. They have a blend of deep operating experience and entrepreneurial leadership and spirit. We have been highly successful in our unique approach of partnering with these CEOs.

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