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For more than thirty years, Castle has successfully partnered with visionary entrepreneurs and startup executives to build category-defining companies. We focus on seed and rapid growth opportunities in various industries, including technology, healthcare, internet, services, among others.

Our venture capital team typically becomes involved early in a company’s development. The majority of our initial investments occur prior to product availability. Our investments range in size from $50,000 proof-of-concept projects to $10 million expansion capital rounds.

We maintain a rigorous investment process and a commitment to work closely with our portfolio companies. We understand that promising companies need more than financial backing to succeed. As a partner, Castle provides emerging companies with a long-term investment approach, a proven ability to build value at the early stage, affiliate fund support, and access to an unparalleled network of executives, capital sources, and technology professionals.

Our investments are structured as debt, equity or a hybrid investment approach. Castle can provide asset based lending to its clients for development, inventory, manufacturing, expansion and working capital.

Castle Venture Group, Inc. // A Business Consulting, Business Finance, Private Equity and Interactive Agency