Bitcoin Investment Trust Shares Are Rising

Bitcoin Investment Trust shares have recently grown compared to the time of their public debut several months ago.

Shares of Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS:GBTC) are trading at their highest premiums relative to their underlying Bitcoin value since shortly after their public debut in May 2015.

In a short-term trading on Bitcoin Black Friday the shares closed higher by 11.96% […]

Krowdster Debuts New Crowdfunding Features For Investors

Krowdster, a data powered web app for crowdfunding campaign optimization and promotion, announced the addition of two new features to make it easier for crowdfunders to find targeted influencers and trending content in their industries.
Josef Holm, the founder of Krowdster, stated:
“Building a targeted, engaged audience on social media and identifying the right influencers and outlets […]

Will Crowdfunding’s Empowerment of the "New 98%" Change the Economy?

There are many people who have their hopes pinned to equity crowdfunding—not the least of which are the entrepreneurs hoping to fund their startups.
There is a cottage industry of those that see the bigger picture promised by crowdfunding. The NextGen Crowdfunding Conference held November 19th in Santa Monica was a place for the big thinkers […]

When A Bitcoin Fund Is Born, There’s Still Some Bumps

An ETF-type investment, full of risks, is struggling for acceptance
If you have an online brokerage account, you can now buy shares in a fund that aims to track the price of the digital currency called bitcoin. Just don’t expect a smooth ride.

Bitcoin is a highly speculative investment—the kind most financial advisers say investors should only […]

Akamai partners with startup ClearSky Data in $27M investment round

Above: The ClearSky Data booth at the VMworld conference in San Francisco in August 2015.

Image Credit: ClearSky Data Facebook page

ClearSky Data, a startup with a cloud service for storing companies’ data in various tiers based on customers’ needs, is announcing today a $27 million round of funding, with content distribution network Akamai participating.

ClearSky Data’s […]

Major Payment Player, Worldpay, is Quietly Supporting Bitcoin

Does Worldpay support bitcoin and the blockchain?


The answer, according to senior vice president Chester Ritchie, depends on how you frame the question. Today, the £3.6bn payment processor isn’t doing anything internally with digital currency or the blockchain, he says, but like many payment services companies, it is interfacing with the industry in an effort to […] Trading Platform Integrates Social Media

eCoin is a trading platform that trades Bitcoin and Litecoin against USD exclusively. In an attempt to provide easier access to the platform, eCoin has recently implemented social media integration into their website. On top of this, eCoin now allows users to withdraw directly to their debit cards, increasing the level of convenience.

eCoin specifically introduced Facebook […]

EU Defines Bitcoin as Currency; Surge Ensues

The bitcoin casino is open again.
The price of the digital currency has climbed as much as 50% this week, re-creating scenes from a manic 2013 run that took it from $13 to a high of $1,100 before it crashed.

The burst of speculative buying followed a spate of positive publicity and a move by the European […]

Research Says Bitcoin Will be 6th largest reserve currency by 2030

Bitcoin industry insiders have issued an optimistic prediction for the cryptocurrency over the next few decades, suggesting it could be as widely used as the Swiss franc or the Australian dollar.

U.K.-based Magister Advisors, which advises the technology industry on mergers and acquisitions, interviewed thirty of the leading bitcoin companies from across the globe. It found […]

Bitcoin’s Price Jumps 70% in a Month, No One Sure Why

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, has been on a roll — but no one is really sure why.

After dipping well below $200 in January, bitcoin traded at more than $410 Tuesday afternoon before cutting some of those gains, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index. That’s about 25 percent higher than the same […]