Meet Castle’s Kids

Through Compassion International’s child sponsorship program, Castle Venture Group is sponsoring children living in extreme poverty. Compassion International’s faith-based child development and sponsorship programs align with CVG’s desire to do good in the world. As a Christian company, CVG is committed to living faith outwardly in everything we do.

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Here are some of the children that Castle is currently sponsoring.



Keren is a seven year old girl from Honduras, and lives in a small town with her mother, father, and 3 siblings. She enjoys jumping rops, listening to music, and attending church activities. Castle’s sponsorship will help Compassion International give Keren opportunities to grow spiritually, as well as developing skills to escape the cycle of poverty.








Nam-cha is a 5 year old girl from Thailand. She lives in a small town with her grandparents and enjoys art, walking, and bicycling. CVG’s sponsorship helps Compassion International provide Nam-Cha with nutritious food, discipleship groups, medical care, and some much needed fun.








Julio is a 3 year old boy form Colombia, a country with a high risk of child rights violations. Julio lives with his mother in Turbay Ayala, a coastal community. Though he’s not currently in school, Compassion International helps Julio learn about God, as well as providing him with a safe and nurturing environment.